Crossfit monolith

Our Philosophy

At CrossFit Monolith we work to achieve general physical preparedness (GPP) in our clients. We believe that everyone is capable of becoming a great athlete and making their body capable of functioning at its full capacity, regardless of their athletic background. In our programming, we combine strength, skill development, and conditioning to create a “balanced fitness approach” that aims to produce an ALL-AROUND ATHLETE.

We achieve our aims at CrossFit Monolith by executing targeted Weightlifting and Gymnastics cycles combined with our metabolic conditioning. Weightlifting is utilized in specific targeted cycles in order to improve strength and power which will serve as the foundation for our athletes’ development.

We also prioritize Gymnastics strength and skills once a week so that we can improve our athlete’s
overall body control. At the core of our conditioning program is our endurance program, which features skill development in running mechanics to avoid injury while improving endurance. We also use rowing to increase work capacity since it is an excellent, full-body, conditioning tool. We are also true believers in active recovery days, which we do on Wednesdays. This prevents athletes from overtraining, it allows the body to rid itself of toxins, and at the same time it builds aerobic capacity because the athlete is moving on their rest day. Our program works with all of these elements to create a synergy which produces results.

Our mission is to build athletic skills in people that will allow them to move in an efficient manner when engaging in normal, everyday-life activities (picking up their children, carrying groceries).

The program is scalable for the client searching for general fitness and for the elite athlete looking to become better in their given sport. Our coaching will ensure that regardless of their goals, clients will become better than the first day they walked through the door. With discipline, great coaching, and a focus on developing mental fortitude, we teach our clients to focus on what they can control in order to achieve their goals.

“Nothing is given, everything is earned.”